Alaska Bar Assoc. — Bankruptcy Section

We just spoke at the Alaska Bar Association — Bankruptcy Section on the issue of the Alaska usury statute.  We had less than two hour notice to prepare for the presentation.  The materials are available at the Bar Office. The attendees seemed surprised to learn that the Cox v. Cooper decision actually doesn’t have very […]

Alaska Usury Rate is 10.5% on Loans Exceeding $25,000.00

I’ve been told that the following Alaska Usury decision has stirred up a hornets nest with the Alaska Creditor’s Bar Association. Cox v. Cooper, 3AN-15-10101 CI (Alaska Sup. Ct., 18 Apr. 2016) (J. Morse). 3AN-15-10101CI

Alaska Usury Interest Rules

Has your lender violated Alaska usury laws?  Have you paid more than 10.5% interest on loans larger than $25,000.00? Are the loans from a person or non-bank? Do you still owe or have you paid any interest in the past two years? You may have a basis to recover money. Alaska Usury Interest Rules Alaska […]

Standard for Review of Trial Court Action

A superior court abuses its discretion by making a decision that is arbitrary, capricious, manifestly unreasonable, or . . . stem[s] from an improper motive.  The court uses the clearly erroneous standard when reviewing factual findings, including findings regarding a party’s income, imputation of income, and voluntary underemployment.   Factual findings are clearly erroneous when, after […]

Alaska School Funding Formula Approved.

sp-7075 School Funding Formula The State’s local school funding formula requires a local government to make a contribution to fund its local school district. The superior court held that this required local contribution is an unconstitutional dedication of a “state tax or license.” But the minutes of the constitutional convention and the historical context of […]

New Firm Photos

Dave Jensen Photography These are just proofs; but, they should freshen up the web site.

Anchorage Platting Board Appointment

Dear Clayton Walker, Jr., Congratulations!  Your reappointment for the Platting Board has been approved by the Assembly for another three years, extending to October 14, 2018. Attached is the Assembly Memorandum No. AM 617-2015. Thank you so much for your time, dedication and service!  You are greatly appreciated! Sandy Johnson Municipality of Anchorage — Current Planning […]

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