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We generally publish reviews of recent cases, statutory changes, and other items of interest to business owners.  Most of the cases reviewed are issued by the Alaska Supreme Court or from the 9th Circuit.  Frequently these posts are published in an aside format with links to the published decision or statute.  We generally try to produce an interesting photo to go along with the articles.  If you have an item of interest that you would like to publish on this site, you may submit it to us.

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Standard for Review of Trial Court Action

A superior court abuses its discretion by making a decision that is arbitrary, capricious, manifestly unreasonable, or . . . stem[s] from an improper motive.  The court uses the clearly erroneous standard when reviewing factual findings, including findings regarding a party’s income, imputation of income, and voluntary underemployment.   Factual findings are clearly erroneous when, after …

Anchorage Platting Board Appointment

Dear Clayton Walker, Jr., Congratulations!  Your reappointment for the Platting Board has been approved by the Assembly for another three years, extending to October 14, 2018. Attached is the Assembly Memorandum No. AM 617-2015. Thank you so much for your time, dedication and service!  You are greatly appreciated! Sandy Johnson Municipality of Anchorage — Current Planning …