Anchorage Corporate Attorney

Anchorage Corporate Attorney


Many people hesitate to hire an Anchorage Corporate Attorney when they start up a company, corporation, ‘incorporate‘, or transition to a corporate entity, because they believe the corporate processes, paperwork and cost is more than the benefits.   Liability protection, formalized processes, enhanced valuations and potential tax savings exist for those who learn more.

As Alaska Corporate Attorneys  we help our clients understand the benefits of  creating a formal business structure.  We help evaluate the various benefits afforded by corporation statutes, limited liability company, limited liabiity partnership, partnership.  We also advise on the various tax scheme available for your selection.  After helping select a business structure to serve their business needs, then we help implement those decisions.

After your business structure is established,  Anchorage Corporate Attorneys aid in the process of optimally managing their annual corporate records as are required of any corporate entity. We do so based upon establishing a ‘best practice‘ methodology, endeavoring to make these processes not only effective but also as easy as possible to actually get done.  This minimizes your administrative burdens and maximizes the benefits afforded from formalizing your business activities.

We Provide People with Legal Advice

Our legal advice is usually aimed at prevention and problem mitigation.  We provide legal aid regarding the day to day operation of their companies so they stay out of trouble.

What will you do when you receive one of those letters and want to talk to a lawyer? Will you try to get advice from a corporate lawyer out of the Yellow Pages or an internet search?  Or would you prefer to have a relationship with a trusted lawyer who knows you, understands the nature of your business, the challenges it faces and has seen it grow?

Are You an Ideal Client for Anchorage Corporate Attorneys?

Our ideal clients are those people who are looking for a long-term relationship with a corporate lawyer who will know them as individuals and understand their particular company’s nuances.  Our ideal clients do not want to be running around looking for a corporate lawyer to answer a question or provide advice, only when the proverbial muck hits the rotor blade.

Our ideal clients like to run their businesses as cost effectively as possible.  They also like to operate on a best practice business process model.  Our ideal clients like to be prepared with the pieces they need to run a successful business, already in place and ready for action immediately when they need them.

Anchorage Corporate Attorneys in the Incorporation Business

How people go about supporting their families and the various ways that they do this, are endlessly fascinating to us. One of our specialties is helping Alaskan start-up companies, and smaller companies with just a few shareholders, to grow. This tends to make our relationships with our clients very personal. This is why we are in the Incorporation Business in Alaska.

In our advisory role as corporate attorneys we get to work with a very diverse range of businesses. Some are local businesses to Anchorage, Alaska; some are based in other States such as Washington, Texas, Kansas and Arizona. Some work across the state, and many have business interests nationally or even internationally.

Many are local brick and mortar small businesses such as medical practices; some are virtual internet based businesses. One thing our clients all have in common is that they are usually entrepreneurial in disposition and in their aspirations.

Just this week we had the opportunity to deal with a company that manages hotels, a company a moving company, an Alaska Tour operator, an interstate transportation company, and a real estate agency. These are just a few of the corporations that we have the good fortune to represent.

People who are starting a business or who are working hard to grow their businesses really are a lot of fun to work with. Legal issues, formalizing business processes and protecting assets can however be significant challenges that all entrepreneurs grudgingly face. Legal issues in particular can feel like very negative aspects of real world business life. Helping our clients avoid legal problems or if necessary helping them to deal with them as effectively as possible, is extremely rewarding for us.

Helping people start a new business life or assisting a client negotiate the complexities of a business deal can be a pivotal moment to their future security and if done right, can turn into extremely rewarding ventures. Ultimately these activities generally involve helping our clients in making and hanging onto a lot of money for themselves and their families.

We Are Not a Quasi-Legal Form Filling Service

We do not aim our services at people who want to start a company as cheaply as possible and be ignored from then on. In our experience those businesses more often than not are the ones that fail in short order anyway.

If we were to sum up our business mantra in as short a form as possible it would be: to help serious business people achieve serious success in their lives. Only when that happens is our role as long term relationship corporate attorneys really rewarding.

Corporation Attorneys in Anchorage, Alaska is a website of Alaska Law Offices, Inc. This website is geared to providing prospective clients with clear insights into the range of our services and more importantly the benefits of maintaining a professionally managed corporation assisted by professional Corporate Attorneys.

Anchorage Corporate Attorney
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