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Clayton Walker‘s Alaska Law Offices, Inc. is located in, Anchorage, Alaska 99503.  We are available by appointment only.   The phone number is 907-230-6988.  Our office hours are by appointment.

Firm Overview

Alaska Law Offices, Inc.. provides legal and consulting services to individuals and businesses.  We help clients with commercial and financial matters, business organizations, real estate, mergers and acquisitions, construction projects, professional errors and omissions, insurance coverage, labor, and employment matters. Alaska Law Offices, Inc.’s practice includes transaction consultation, trial and appellate representation before local, state and federal administrative agencies and courts, and private arbitration and mediation representation.

Firm Philosophy

Alaska Law Offices, Inc. is committed to professional excellence.  We strive to provide the best balance of effective, cost efficient, quality service.  We employ a strategic thinking and cross specialization approach.  We combining the skills and expertise of legal and accounting backgrounds to focus the efforts on a best bottom line result.  Effective litigation techniques frequently result in negotiated resolutions.  However, when our clients are involved in litigation, we believe in pursuing the matter with diligence and determination.

We enjoy our reputation for excellence. We enjoy the professional challenges and opportunities our clients share with us.  Our primary focus is meeting your needs for legal advice, counseling and services skillfully and efficiently.

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