The Tax Times: The Internet Sales Tax Exemption About To Expire?

The Tax Times: The Internet Sales Tax Exemption About To Expire?.

Oh how the world would change if the internet shippers have to remit and pay state and local sales taxes to the cities and states of their customers. All of the UPS and Fedex shipping that has been subsidized by the uncollected and unpaid taxes will likely slow down. The states and municipalities will finally start seeing a recovery after two decades of declining tax base.

Comparing Limited Liability Company and S-Corp

Comparing the benefits and burdens of Limited Liability Company (LLC) and S-Corp is important, they are not the same. Before you blindly jump into one or the other you should know what you’re getting and what you’re giving up.  This post will introduce some of the important considerations in entity selection.

Available Alternatives.

There are a number of forms of business entity available under state law – sole proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and LLCs.  Federal law applies different tax Continue reading “Comparing Limited Liability Company and S-Corp”

Thinking About Buying a Business

Acquisitions are generally accomplished in one of two ways: purchase of the business and assets of a company or purchase of the company stock. Purchase of the business and assets has one advantage: the buyer knows the liabilities that will accompany the purchase. Those liabilities not assumed remain with the seller. Thus in an asset deal, the buyer is not at risk with respect to liabilities that don’t surface, such as tax claims, tort Continue reading “Thinking About Buying a Business”

Local and Federal Taxes

Williams v. Ketchikan Gateway Borough, Alaska Sup. Ct. S14513 (Feb. 15, 2013). (Holding your personal residence is not exempt from local taxation simply because you built your home with federal grant money.) Was the grant money taxable income in the year received? Are the forgiveness provisions of the repayment terms taxable forgiveness of indebtedness income? If not, should they be?