Suggestive Dancing Isn’t Negligent Conduct

Provocative Dancing Doesn’t Make Homeowner Liable for Shootings on Premises.

Supreme Court Opinions

No. 6749 S-14343 Hurn v. Greenway [personal injury]

“Simone Greenway and her friend Carrie Randall-Evans were dancing
together in a suggestive manner and teasing Jeffrey Evans, Carrie’s husband, when Jeffrey left the room, returned with a pistol, and shot everyone inside, killing Carrie and then shot and killed himself. David Hurn, the father of Carrie’s two minor children, sued, claiming that Greenway’s participation in the dance was negligent either because it breached her duty as homeowner to control her guests or because it created a foreseeable and unreasonable risk of violence. Greenway moved for summary judgment.  Because property owners generally have no duty to control the conduct of third parties in their homes, and because murder was not the foreseeable result of suggestive dancing, we decline to hold Greenway liable.”